tabú connects you with the resources and services you need to take control of your sexual and mental health.

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We take the tabú and make it approachable, connecting you with the right mental and sexual health education and solutions for you. As far as we're concerned, there's no such thing as let's dive in!



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Shame & stigma are so last century!


tabú simplifies the process of finding a therapist or doctor that will listen to you and champion your sexual and mental health needs. We want you to get the treatment you deserve!

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Seeking mental and sexual healthcare can be scary enough. When the options are endless, that search can end fast. We remove the barriers to make the pursuit of quality, culturally competent healthcare a little less daunting.

 Take a Quiz  Start with a fun quiz optimized to help you find the right match for your therapy needs.


Start with a fun quiz optimized to help us find the right match for your mental and/or sexual health needs.



No more scrolling for days. We send you your matches and you determine who you want to move forward with!  



For those seeking therapy, we make it easy to set up an intro call so you can  get a feel for your match(es).


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Most health education classes epically fail in the sex ed department and rarely even begin to address mental health. Check out our basics to learn more about sexual health, mental health, and identity!


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Your healthcare matters.

Searching for a therapist or health care provider can feel daunting. How do you know this person will really listen to you and ultimately help you feel better? We assess your needs and budget to simplify the process of finding the right healthcare solution for you! 


You are your best advocate.

When it comes to your body, you are the expert! Yet, you can’t fully advocate for yourself without the right information (some of these articles out here be like whaaat). We give you the tools to have productive conversations with doctors, parents, partners, friends, and even with yourself so you can take control.


You are not alone.

Too many of us struggle in isolation. We don’t have anyone to talk to and wonder, "Am I the only one?” Well guess what? The answer is no. We connect you with other people facing similar challenges both IRL and online. Let’s get through the ups, downs, and merry-go-rounds of life together!


Are you a therapist, doctor, or PT who wants to be on tabú?

We'll help simplify your life, expand your business, and connect you with powerful content and community!


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