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We champion the right to make informed decisions about your health and body. We swipe right on facts and left on myths. We also swipe left on f*ckbois, f*ckgirls, f*cknonbinaries, gender stereotypes, abuse, assault, body negativity, and honestly anything that prevents you from living your best life. Take the reins on your sexual and mental health; we've got your back. 


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Sex and bodies can be awkward af... and honestly, same. Relationships, hookups, situationships: there's a lot to navigate. You can count on us to keep it honest, keep it real, and always keep it relevant. No question or conversation is too tabú.



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That’s one secret we’ll never tell. JK, it’s literally written below.


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No really. We are beyond grateful to have these brilliant minds guiding our work!


Leah Millheiser, MD

OB/GYN · Director of Female Sexual Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center


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Award-winning sexuality educator, trainer, and author · Former Executive Director, Answer

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