Your guide to better sex and mental health care.

Shame and stigma are so last year.

Want to bring sex and relationship health education to your campus or community? Didn't know you wanted to until you read that question and were like wait... of course I do!? We’re looking for fearless leaders to shatter taboos and empower their peers to make informed decisions about their health and relationships! Our Sexpert Squad program is an opportunity to de-stigmatize and de-mythify sexual and mental health. Let's be real, high school sex ed kind of missed out on the whole "ed" part and it's time to get 👏🏽 that 👏🏽 knowledge 👏🏽.


Am I qualified?


You’re [sasha] fierce.

You’re a natural born leader who can command attention and handle a crowd (also a great skill for hosting events...which you will). Or hey, maybe you're a little shy, but you always get the job done.


You’re social AF & v Passionate.

You know literally everyone on campus (friends and followers are basically the same thing, right?). You love learning new things and sharing that knowledge with all your friends (and foes bc you're nice like that).


You’re a good person. Or you know, you want to be.

You truly care about making the world a better place and doing your part to create safe, inclusive spaces for your peers.


What will I actually have to do?

  • Refer friends, acquaintances, sorority/frat siblings, hookups, and randos to tabú!

  • Rep tabú swag around the quad, in your dorm, to your class presentation, maybe even to your midterm (it will probably give you good vibes).

  • Host events like trivia nights, tailgates, and anything you can come up with that people will attend! Prove to the world that talking about sex is super important and can actually be almost as fun as the act itself.

  • Lead educational discussions that are entertaining and inclusive. This won’t be a flashback to your PE teacher’s gonorrhea horror class.

  • Put those insta caption skills to use by promoting tabú events, content, and swag! Social media roles are on the rise, so really we're helping you prepare for your next job (which might even be with us! you're welcome).


Cool cool cool. But what do I get out of it?

Good for you, knowing your worth.

  • Swag on swag… on swag.

  • Exclusive access to promos and products from our partners.

  • KNOWLEDGE (we hear it's power).

  • Opportunities galore! Looking for an internship? Your first job out of college? A glowing recommendation from our CEO? We gotchu!

  • Friends! Connect with other squad members to learn, grow, and maybe even make a friend or two. Our squad is strong.

  • A conversation starter. "I'm in the sexpert squad." “Sexpert whaaaa?” Why not spice things up in your everyday discussions?

  • Whatever you want! Seriously. We want you to get as much out of this program as you are willing to put in. Let us know your goals and we'll do our best to help you achieve them (you don't need us for this, but who couldn't use a little extra support?).


We’re sweeping the nation one community at a time!


Don't just take our word for it!

Testimonials from a few of our bad a$$ reps.


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