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Complete the questionnaire below based on your profession (follow the yellow brick road aka orange buttons). Most of the questions are to help us get to know you, but we also ask fun details such as your license information, accepted insurance plans, etc... so please have this on hand.


Add a voice recording

Create a 30-60 second voice recording to give your profile some personality. Simply introduce yourself and let clients/patients know how you like to work with them and what they can expect from working with you.

The easiest way to record (if you have an iPhone) is using the Voice Memos app; you can also create a recording directly on this website. Simply record, save, and upload to your profile. If you don't have time to record before filling out your profile, you can email us your recording at hi@talktabu.com!


Choose an avatar

As you finish up your profile, you will be asked to select an avatar instead of uploading a photo. This is part of our effort to reduce bias in provider selection by focusing on you, your personality, and your qualifications—not what you look like (though we do allow users to submit their preferences for gender and racial identity).


Time to fill out your profile!

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