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you made it! cum on in 😏

alright. first for some housekeeping.

please complete this form so we have all your info on file (new and former campus sexperts, plz!):

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tabú community

  • create an account and start asking/answering questions (slash forcing, ahem, inviting your friends to sign up!)
  • Don't worry if you feel like you have a stupid question. There is no such thing as a stupid question and the accounts are completely anonymous.


  • follow us! duh and follow us again! #squad
  • update your instagram bio to reflect that you're a tabú campus rep (if you want to!) -- yayy!! 

facebook group

  • head over to our campus sexpert group and request to join! introduce yourself — where you go to school, what you're most excited to learn, any unique skills you're willing to share with the group, etc. standard intro. 
  • use the group as a forum to share with and learn from each other! a little bit of business wisdom: you guys are a powerful group of young individuals who share similar values and motivations. (net)werk, (net)werk, (net)werk (net)werk, (net)werk! networking isn't "weird;" it's simply relationship building. get to know one other, and become stronger as a collective.
  • please keep notifications on so you don't miss any important updates!
  • follow us on on facebook, and share it with your friends! #shamelessplug quick links at the bottom of the site!
 this was one of the giphy results for "squad." tbh, i'm kind of here for it.

this was one of the giphy results for "squad." tbh, i'm kind of here for it.

refer a friend

have friends at home that are outgoing and might want to spread the word about safe, pleasurable, consensual sex? Refer a friend and receive points toward our incentive program (aka win cool $hit for spreading the word and being an active rep)! make sure your friend includes your name on the referral line. 

on-campus sponsor

most universities require an on-campus sponsor to host outside events. check the requirements of your school, and if this is the case, partner up with an organization that aligns with our values. examples include women's groups, peer educators, sexual health centers, etc.

example email:

Hi [president/organizer],

My name is [name], and I am currently a tabú campus sexpert. The mission of tabú is to de-stigmatize sexual and mental health on college campuses to create a conversation around consent, communication, and pleasure. As part of the program, we are required to host tabling events and various workshops. The role of the workshops is to provide an in-person experience to better equip students with the skills to feel empowered and take ownership over their bodies and health. Per our university guidelines, I am required to find an on-campus sponsor to host outside events. I would love to work with [organization] to forward tabú's mission and fill in the gaps from traditional sex ed. Students need more information, and I am excited to help my peers learn in an approachable and engaging way. Please let me know if it sounds like there is room for collaboration, and if you are willing to be a sponsor.



but wait, I'm a trailblazer.

if you're i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t (do you know what that mean?), you can totally start your own campus sexpert chapter at your university. naming of said group is totally up to you. 




  • if you have bandwidth to do any side projects, shoot us an email at Let us know your skill set (writing, design, video production, photography, break dancing) and we'll get you set up! Great opportunity to build your portfolio, and we always appreciate the extra help!

easy enough? alright. LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX ALREADY 😅