Long Distance and Self Pleasure

How to survive long distance? How about a date with a millionaire?

Hi, I’m Kendall and I love to masturbate. It’s good for you, it relieves stress, and it’s fun! Also, my boyfriend lives 879 miles away from me during the school year (and yes, I took the time to check Google maps), so masturbation has become a way of survival. From the beginning of spring semester until his spring break, it will have been 67 days since I have seen him, and 67 is way too many for this girl! 

As you can imagine, when I was told that there was an opportunity for me to review a vibrator as a tabú campus sexpert, I was definitely into it. I had never used toys before, mostly because I felt intimidated by the idea of finding somewhere to buy one, finding the right one for me, and figuring out how to use it. However, I have been curious for a long time, so I volunteered!

SOURCE: Smile Makers

SOURCE: Smile Makers

My first step was to pick one out. I knew I wanted to try something that could be used internally and externally for more versatility with my premier toy experience. Enter, Smile Makers. Their products are so cute! I love how each one has a funny name and description, as if it’s a person. Naturally, I picked The Millionaire; who doesn’t want a millionaire in their life?! The simplicity and approachability also took away the reservations I had about buying a toy because the site is very easy to navigate, and all of their products have recommendations about how to use them. I also ordered a toy cleaner from Unbound because I was very excited. 

When it arrived, I immediately had to test it out. I showed all of my roommates my new toy, then ran to my room. It was like Christmas morning for me, a college girl who misses getting some on the regular!

I have to say, I am quite impressed with this guy. First of all, it is so easy to use - critical for a sex toy novice. It also has a variety of speed settings so you can change it up, and it feels incredible. The Millionaire certainly made me a believer in vibrators, and has now become part of my regular routine.

SOURCE: Smile Makers

SOURCE: Smile Makers

I recommend that you check out Smile Makers and find yourself a friend like mine. You can even get 15% off any $60+ purchase using the code SMC15. My boyfriend won’t be home until March 9th, so you know my Millionaire and I have a special Valentine’s date planned in the meantime! 

Thanks for the review, kendall! readers, You can also still get 15% off anything from Unbound (except subscriptions) through the month of February using the code TABUVDAY15! #allthesavings

Kendall is a senior at the University of Maryland. She is pre-law and plans to be a criminal prosecutor. She's tiny, loud, and in charge. She's also one of our campus sexperts