Gliding Into the Future of Intimacy

Gliding Into the Future of Intimacy

The Scoop: Wendy Strgr, Founder & CEO gives us the 411 on lubricant as an essential component of sexual pleasure, and the movement toward healthy ingredients.

Proper lubrication is highly underrated, and trust us, there is a lot you should know. At tabú, have the unique opportunity to work with incredible brands making waves in the broad category of sexual health, and we just love Good Clean Love. Seriously. We recently developed a partnership with the company's Make It Good Movement to expand our shared mission of fostering cultures of consent and equal pleasure on college campuses. We had the chance to interview Wendy Strgr, the Founder & CEO of Good Clean Love to learn more about the origins behind the brand, and the future of sexual health and intimacy.  

What was the inspiration behind starting Good Clean Love? What does the name of the company represent?

Necessity was the mother of invention when it came to the beginning of good clean love. As a wife and mother of four kids who I nursed for too long, I suffered with vaginal dryness and pain with sex all the time. The petrochemical laden products that I could buy on the market only complicated my pain with burning and itching. I searched far and wide for a product that would make sex feel better and eventually started inventing them myself. These early roots still guide us today and explain why we are always innovating, even with our most successful products- seeking more natural preservation options, developing new formulations that bio match to a woman’s healthiest natural conditions.  

Our name Good Clean Love represents not only our values of healthy, clean ingredients but also how we promote the linking of sexual health products and loving intimate relationships. We believe that intimacy products should be available everywhere people shop, not just in adult stores. Most deeply our name was chosen as a way to normalize our erotic and sexual nature. Sex isn’t just about some titillating experience; it’s the glue that holds intimate relationships together. We want Good Clean Love to be known as the go-to brand for lovers of all ages to sustain their loving relationships.

What is the importance of proper lubrication for both sexual intercourse and masturbation?

Lubrication is an essential element in any healthy and pain free sexual encounter.  When we are young, we naturally get wet, it just happens, sometimes to our own surprise, but there are so many reasons that this lubricating response breaks down, even for young women. Stress, many types of medications from antidepressants to antihistamines, post pregnancy, nursing and menopausal life changes all impact vaginal dryness. Another very common culprit is excessive alcohol use.   

Having sex without lubrication can easily create a chain reaction – not attending to vaginal dryness can make sex painful and repeated episodes of painful sex can inhibit our libido response. All body parts are sexier when our hands glide over them easily – replacing or augmenting natural moisture with healthy ingredient lubricants makes everything more inviting - including masturbation.  

Especially for women who are still figuring out how to turn on their own libido response, imitating the natural moisture we produce is a critical jumpstart that wakes up the arousal mechanism naturally.  

Wendy Strgr, Founder & CEO of Good Clean Love

Wendy Strgr, Founder & CEO of Good Clean Love

How do you educate your customers about choosing the right lubricant for them? 

I have been a long time blogger about sexual health. For many years I wrote sexual question and answer columns on my own and other big websites. I am proud that my second book called Sex that Works will be published and distributed by Sounds True publishing company this spring.  

In addition we are one of the largest providers of lubricant samples and education to health care provider offices, hospitals and clinics. Many physicians have no idea about the safety concerns associated with heavily concentrated petrochemical lubricants. We also work on many college campuses sharing information about healthy lubrication, and healthy sexuality. What are considered “healthy ingredients” when it comes to personal care products?

What are considered “healthy ingredients” when it comes to personal care products?

As an organic and natural product lifetime fan I was always interested in making lubricants with ingredients that I was familiar with and knew had healthy profiles like aloe vera. What we have learned is that the very common, heavily concentrated petrochemical lubricant formulas are also hyperosmolar, which have been found to be toxic to the very sensitive vaginal tissue. 

All of our products are iso-osmolar which means that they don’t add or subtract any water from the skin tissue so there is no disruption in the natural vaginal eco system. Even the FDA is now paying attention to this measure when they evaluate lubricant products.  

Our goal is always to support the natural health and immune response of the vaginal system and we only use ingredients that we know will accomplish this end.  

Can you tell us about your Make It Good movement? 

Our Make it Good Movement was inspired by wanting to add our voice to the crisis of consent that was erupting on college campuses around the country. The Make It Good campaign is our way of promoting sexual health that is fueled by loving relationships, and supports the importance of equal pleasure as well as the right to consent. Sex is only really rewarding when everyone wants to be there and is equally participating and enjoying it. Every day we are expanding the reach of the Make It Good bags to more and more college campuses, health care providers and new mothers. We believe that the earlier people discover their voice and become comfortable with their own sexual health, the stronger the relationships they will be able to maintain.  

What achievement are you most proud of with respect to Good Clean Love?

I am very proud of the fact that Good Clean Love has revolutionized the intimacy product category with organic and natural alternatives, and brought those choices to consumers nationwide. I am also very proud about the ways that we have incorporated important scientific research about maintaining a healthy vaginal eco system into our feminine hygiene product line. Receiving a patent for our bio matched gels and continuing to support research to better understand and educate about the causes and toxic effects of Bacterial Vaginosis is extremely motivating for me. In addition, with each application process we undergo with the FDA, we have been instrumental in moving their bio compatibility requirements away from animal testing to versions of human testing. Currently, we are the only company on PETA’s Working for Regulatory Change. Aligning science and intimacy products has been a long time in coming and I am honored to be able to contribute.   

What products are missing from the current sexual health space? What do you see as the future of sexual health/tech? 

As I mentioned, I consider innovation as one of our primary directives at Good Clean Love and to this end, we are continuously researching new and better formulations. This spring we look forward to launching a new lubricant with an entirely different base, with no flavor additives and that should be an excellent choice for our customers who are seeking an extra sensitive formula. We are also looking at ways we can improve our bio-matched gel to make it an even closer match to the healthiest genital conditions.   

In the future, I am working to develop an effective delivery method by which we could introduce a robust, healthy blend of lactobacilli into the vagina for women who don’t produce it themselves and for those who are susceptible to BV.

I really hope that one thing that the future would hold for feminine sexual health would be a new modern design of the female condom. I believe that women deserve to have a reliable contraception method that they can control and does not require them to mess with their hormonal cycles. 

Want to host a Make It Good workshop? Check out our Campus Sexpert program and become a Make It Good advocate!

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