OMG, Another Valentine's Day Guide!

OMG, Another Valentine's Day Guide!

This Valentine's Day, why not give yourself a little lovin'?

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well, it’s only been a month, and it doesn’t really matter because it’s Valentine’s Day, so... we’re saying, treat yoself! Whether you’ve successfully cuffed yourself a boo thang, or you’re ridin’ solo, this V Day, we want you to focus on YOU!

We’ve teamed up with Unbound, our fave online shop for all things pleasure, to bring you a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! The best part? You get 15% off anything in the shop (whether it’s in our fancy schmancy gift guide or nah *minus subscriptions*) using the code TABUVDAY15. Discount lasts through the month of February, so you know, March birthdays and stuff.

We present to you, the 12 Days of V: 

Form And function

Vesper by Crave
The ultimate in #treatingyoself? This vibrator necklace! Yes. Vibrator. Necklace. Giving new meaning to the expression, look good; feel good. Don't mind if we do. 😉 

Desir Metallique Collar by Bijoux Indiscrets
Sex-essories are the new….black? We’re going to have to work on that one. Unbound describes this collar as being a statement piece. The statement being? “Bitch. I have ARRIVED.”

Cleo Bangle Handcuffs by Unbound
Bangles by day, handcuffs by night (or also day - heyyyy we don’t judge). Need we say more? The entire Unbound Collection is gorgeous with a splash of cheeky - our fave combo. We highly recommend you check it out.

“Shhh” Satin Blindfold by Bijoux Indiscrets
Blindfolds can be a great way to introduce something new and exciting into the bedroom. We think Jessica O’Reilly, PhD said it best, “The sensory deprivation you experience when you eliminate the sense of sight only heightens the perception of other senses, making every touch and every whisper all the more titillating. But blindfolds are also popular as a tool to reduce inhibitions and reduce performance pressure. By blindfolding your lover, you can let loose and forget about any self-consciousness that might interfere with pleasure.” This blindfold is also dual purpose, saying “Ohhhh…” on one side for sexy times, and “Shhhh…” on the other for when you’re trying to get your sleep on (aka always).

Let's get Lacy

Lace Vixen Cuffs by Hanky Panky
So we were clearly in a bit of a playful mood when creating this guide. While these aren’t the strongest of restraints… it will be hard for your partner to restrain from you when wearing these dangerously seductive lace cuffs.

Signature Lace Peekaboo Bralette by Hanky Panky
This bra is cute, sexy, and comfy at the same time, so whether you want to show off for your partner, or feel sexy all by your own damn self, this bra is a perfect fit!

Naughty & Nice Two Pack Thongs by Hanky Panky
We love a good set, and these are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Lace thongs. Red and black. Crotch and no crotch... #YOLO

Did someone say playtime?

Kissable Massage Creme by Shuna
Who doesn’t like a good massage? And who really doesn’t like an even better dessert? Just sayin… 👅

Guilty Pleasure Lubricant by Good Clean Love
But like, is it organic? It’s a month into the new year, and Good Clean Love helps fulfill that number one resolution to be healthier. Proper lubrication is so important for healthy and pleasurable sex. Like, so important. The fact that this lube comes in Cinnamon Vanilla? Icing on the cake (no pun intended, but damn!). 😋🍰

Sexplosion Bath Bomb by Kheper Games
If all of this has you feeling dirty, you can clean things up with these sexplosion bath bombs. While they include some super fun “position cards” showing you how to rub a “dub dub” in the tub (😏)…. We see no reason you can’t use these for a solo bath sesh. Waterproof vibrator recommended (this little guy is also too cute, and powerful!).

Finish Strong! (I guess everything is sexual given the context...)

Drawstring Bag by Unbound
But where will I keep my new vibe? A cute drawstring bag - duh. Versatile and adorable. Double win.

Condoms by Lovability
If you're tryna get frisky, don't make it risky! We love Lovability and the Lovability team so much. Lovability condoms are feisty, fashionable, and feminist AF. If you wanna get it on, put a condom on first.

Happy V DAY!! Don’t forget to use the code TABUVDAY15 on Unbound for 15% off! Time to get your sexy ON (as if it isn't always). 

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