In partnership with Bellesa

Would you watch Talladega Nights or Cars to learn how to drive? We sure hope not (especially Cars because, well, those cars drive themselves)! We teamed up with Bellesa, a porn site geared toward women, to help you navigate the world of erotic cinema that is porn.

Porn Sex ≠ Real Life Sex

It’s hella important that the difference between fantasy and reality is well-understood (like, really well-understood).

Kind of like how romantic comedies are made for entertainment…well, so too is porn. So while it’s totally cool (and healthy!) to enjoy porn…we should watch it with a grain of salt (as we do “Love Actually” or “The Notebook”). We can’t allow the performance of paid actors to skew our expectations of reality!

If you want to learn more about sexual education, you’re already in the right place. Connecting users with experts in the fields, tabú answers questions that are “too taboo” for mom/dad. Taking control of your sexual health is empowering af.

3 reasons you should be (proudly) watching porn:
  1. Porn is damn healthy. While porn is not a replacement for actual sex, it often facilitates masturbation…which is a major plus. Masturbating is great for mental health – allowing for better sleeps and reduced stress. Also, a healthy masturbation schedule actually makes us better sex partners!
  2. Real talk: it’s sometimes better than the real thing. …sometimes! It does happen that some nights, we just can’t bring ourselves to get up off the couch – let alone get dressed and leave the house. The struggle is real. By watching porn, we can reap the benefits of having an orgasm without having facing any of the aforementioned obstacles. It also allows us to selfishly focus on ourselves and not worry about getting a second human off.
  3. It can srsly benefit your relationship. The best sex happens when both partners are on the same page. Watching porn with your boo creates a safe space for each partner to ask for what he/she wants. Watching porn with your partner can open both of your minds to new sexual possibilities and unexplored kinks.
But what if I don’t really like what’s out there?

Here are some awesome websites to watch porn that minimize the gap between traditional porn sex and real world sex (and do not focus exclusively on the male gaze!). These site cater to individuals across identities!

  1. Bellesa. Porn for women. Bellesa features female friendly sex videos and erotica tube. Hot guys. Storylines. Natural bodies. Free erotic stories. Real orgasms.
  2. LustCinema LustCinema is an online movie theater that gathers the best in new adult cinema, bringing you fresh aesthetic, innovative and modern productions.
  3. LucieMakesPorn. LucieMakesPorn showcases ethical films that depict fun, authentic and passionate sex that respects all genders, bodies and sexualities. The site is curated by Lucie Blush, a porn filmmaker, actress, writer.
  4. CrashPadSeries. CrashPad is the Bay Area hotbed of queer sexuality. Pink and White Productions creates adult entertainment that exposes the complexities of queer sexual desire. Taking inspiration from many different sources, Pink and White is dedicated to producing sexy and exciting images that reflect today’s blurred gender lines and fluid sexualities.
tabú tip:

The best part of all? The more you watch porn…the more you masturbate…the more you will learn about your body and about what you like! This is so important to take with you into any sexual encounter that Future You will have. We cannot expect our partners to know what we like if we don’t even know ourselves. Explore your sexuality and get to know your bodies, people!

If you’re a parent and want to know how to talk to your kids about porn, check out The Porn Conversation!