start nuanced conversations in a sex positive, inclusive, and pleasure-informed way #makeitgood

“Equal Pleasure”

This workshop delves into anatomy, communication, and culture as participants talk about pleasure dynamics in relationships.

“Building a Consent Culture”

This workshop focuses less on harrowing statistics and more on how we can all become better at practicing/ understanding consent in our daily lives. Activities include identifying missing parts of consent in scenes from popular film.

“Not a Novelty”

Advocating for Safe Intimacy Products. This workshop explores the lack of regulation and stigma that has created a health crisis of intimate products. It explains the science behind what makes so many of these products toxic and the important role of healthy products for positive sexuality.

“The Vagina Workshop”

This workshop is designed to help participants better understand  the amazing anatomy of the female reproductive system. Sparking conversations about the vagina in a nuanced way is educational and empowering. Talking about the vagina is the best way to expel any myths surrounding it that keep us from feeling good about our bodies and our sexuality. 

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