iOS engineer

The Secret Life of Heroes, Magic Mirror by Greg Guillemin

We are...

tabú is an online platform redefining sexual health. Our app connects users with trustworthy answers from certified sexual health experts, support from the tabú community, and the simplest discovery mechanism to find local healthcare providers and clinics. Traditional sex ed is taught in heteronormative terms (if taught at all), and is rarely required to even be factual. In fact, only 13 states mandate medical accuracy. This allows for the mass proliferation of misinformation, resulting in 20 million new STI cases each year, and 2.8 million unintended pregnancies. It's time to address the information gap, and truly empower young adults to take control of their sexual health. Through our content and unique college ambassador program, we are democratizing inclusive, medically-accurate sex education, and opening up a meaningful dialogue around sexuality and gender. We believe everyone deserves quality, trustworthy sexual health content that covers a range of topics, from birth control and consent to pleasure and sexual identity. We are leading the charge in fostering a culture in which no conversation is too "tabú," and every question is met with an answer.

You are...

  • passionate about making the world a better place, and helping empower young adults through education and community
  • experienced with iOS app development; familiar with iOS UI design principles and accessibility best practices
  • design-oriented; have an appreciation and eye for UX/UI design
  • comfortable working in Sketch, or other design-oriented toolsets
  • a strong communicator with leadership skills
  • receptive to feedback, and eager to learn
  • fun, light-hearted, and have a sense of humor
  • super amped to join an early-stage team with huge growth potential

Sound like you?