Shame and stigma are so last year.

Want to bring sex positivity and inclusion to your campus? We’re looking for fearless campus leaders to shatter taboos!


Who are you?


You’re a boss, obviously.

You’re a natural born leader who can command attention handle a crowd (also a great skill for hosting events!).


You’re hella social.

You know literally everyone on campus (acquaintances count, right?) and enjoy talking to new people.


You’re a good person.

You truly care about making the world a better place, and doing your part to create safe, inclusive spaces for your peers.


Responsible AF

What does a campus sexpert do?

  • Host parties and events. This includes trivia nights, tailgates, and anything you can come up with that people will attend!
  • Lead workshops that are entertaining, educational, and inclusive. This isn’t a flashback to your PE teacher’s gonorrhea horror class.
  • Put those insta caption skills to use promoting tabú events and content! Social media roles are on the rise, so really, we're helping you prepare for your next job.

We’re sweeping the nation one university at a time!


Don't just take our word for it!

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