Shame and stigma are so last year.

Want to bring sex positivity and inclusion to your campus? We’re looking for fearless campus leaders to shatter taboos!

You’re a boss.

You’re a natural born leader who gives dynamic presentations, and can handle a crowd (also a great skill for hosting events!).

You’re hella social.

You know literally everyone on campus or enjoy talking to new people.

You’re a good person.

You truly care about making the world a better place, and doing your part to create safe, inclusive spaces for your peers.

Responsible AF

What does a campus sexpert do?

  • Host parties and events. This includes trivia nights, tailgates, and anything you can come up with that people will attend!
  • Lead workshops that are inclusive, medically accurate, and entertaining. This isn’t a flashback to your PE teacher’s gonorrhea horror class.
  • Put those insta caption skills to use promoting tabú events and content! #hyfr

Join the Squad!

We’re sweeping the nation one university at a time!