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Why tho?


Current sex “ed” is not okay.

Only 13 states mandate medical accuracy. Guttmacher Institute

Rape culture is not okay.

Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Racial, sexual and gender minority groups are disproportionately affected. RAINN

The orgasm gap is not okay.

95% of heterosexual men experience regular orgasms, compared to 65% of heterosexual women, and 66% of bisexual women. Archives of Sexual Behavior

STI rates are not okay.

15-24 year olds make up just over 1/4 of the sexually active population, but account for half of the 20 MILLION new STIs that occur in the US each year. CDC

Muting conversations about sex and bodies is not okay.

2/3 of 18-24 year old women said they are too embarrassed to say the words “vagina” or “orgasm” to their doctors. 1/4 avoided their doctors because they didn’t know what words to use. Ovarian Cancer Action

So, who are we?

That’s one secret we’ll never tell. JK it’s written below.

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Who makes us legit?

Say hello to our brilliant advisors. 👋🏿👋🏻👋🏽

Leah Millheiser, MD

OB/GYN, Director of Female Sexual Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center

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Award-winning sexuality educator, trainer, and author, Former Executive Director of Answer

Jonathan Kalin

Founder and Executive Director of Party With Consent